Saundra Davis: The Heart of SFS

Saundra Davis HeadshotSaundra Davis is a financial coach, educator, consultant and motivational speaker who is nationally recognized for her work with community-based organizations that focus on asset building for the working poor. She is the executive director and founder of Sage Financial Solutions, an organization dedicated to helping communities develop comprehensive financial education programs.

Saundra was instrumental in the development of the San Francisco Office of Financial Empowerment’s Smart Money Network and is a co-founder of EARN’s work in financial coaching. She has collaborated with several organizations to develop and expand their financial capability projects and provides technical assistance and capacity building to support new and expanded financial education and coaching programs.

Saundra has developed and facilitated numerous financial management trainings that provide the participants the skills necessary to understand their financial behavior and to develop their own financial plan. Saundra believes in linking financial choice to personal values and in helping individuals become their own financial experts.

Saundra has 15 years experience as a management and development consultant for nationwide non-profit organizations and government agencies. She has served on several Boards for local non-profit organizations and she conducts workshops for local government agencies to increase their responsiveness to the non-profit community. Saundra’s innovative approach to financial capability was selected as an Echoing Green semi-finalist in 2008.

Saundra is the Past-President of the Financial Therapy Association and is active in the Financial Planning Association (FPA) San Francisco Chapter Pro Bono Committee. She has served on the FPA Pro Bono National Advisory Committee the Diversity Task Force. She has received numerous awards for her work including the Heart of Financial Planning award and the Pro Bono Planner of the Year.

Saundra holds B.S. in Management and an M.S. in Financial Planning from Golden Gate University (GGU). She was an adjunct professor in the GGU and University of California at Berkeley Personal Financial Planning programs and has also served on the University of California Berkeley Financial Planning Program Advisory Committee.