Financial Coaching

What is Financial Coaching?

Coaching is a process to help clients link their behavior to their goals and values. Financial coaching is a way of working with clients in equal partnership rather than as an “expert” there to give advice or issue directives. The coach is there to provide support, encouragement and accountability as the client defines and moves toward their goals.

Financial coaching is distinct from financial education or counseling in that the coach approaches the relationship from the position that the client knows what is best for their situation. It is a solutions focused, collaborative process in which the coach and client design a plan to identify and move toward the client’s self-determined financial goals.

SFS Financial Coach Training

SFS provides financial coaching training to organizations seeking to increase their staff’s capacity. During the training, staff discover and practice using coaching fundamentals, skills and tools. CBO staff are introduced to a range of key financial content topics – debt/credit, savings/investing, etc. – and learn how to effectively coach clients in these areas.

By the end of our course, you will be able to:

  • Understand how coaching fits into the financial capability continuum (education, counseling, coaching).
  • Understand the role of a financial coach in helping clients set goals and develop steps to achieve financial goals.
  • Adopt the coaching philosophy and use coaching principles for interacting with clients.
  • Discuss fundamental subject matter, analyze critical options, identify key resources.
  • Perform customer service and relationship management activities for delivering financial coaching effectively.
  • Exhibit enhanced communication, facilitation and organizational skills.

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