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SFS Financial Coach Training

SFS provides financial coaching training to organizations seeking to increase their staff’s capacity. During the training, participants will discover and practice using coaching fundamentals, skills and tools. Participants will be introduced to a range of key financial content topics – debt/credit, savings/investing, etc. – and learn how to effectively coach clients in these areas.

  • Target Audience: Frontline staff, instructors/trainers, volunteer coaches
  • Training Duration: 8-48 classroom hours dependent upon the desired training outcomes. Single & multi-day training options are available.
  • Fees: Varies and is based on the availability of grant funding and the needs and budget of the organization to be trained. The SFS per person tuition rate is $150-$300/person/day depending upon the training option selected.

Financial Fitness Coach (FFC) & Accredited Personal Financial Coach (APFC) Certifications (AFCPE Partnership)

Honoring the highest standard, Sage Financial Solutions has partnered with the Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education® (AFCPE®) to provide comprehensive financial coach training and certification that integrates coaching, counseling and financial content.

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Financial Fitness Coach (FFC) Certification 

This program presents the continuum of financial coaching and counseling skills and techniques, providing you with the depth of knowledge, techniques and skills to transform the work you do with clients. You will acquire the skills to meet clients wherever they are in their financial life, identify their financial goals, and collaborate with them to develop an action plan and appropriate steps to achieve those goals.

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“I highly recommend the FFC Program. Saundra is a great instructor and I have learned so much! She pushes me to be a better counselor and coach.”


Accredited Personal Financial Coach (APFC) Certification

This program builds on your comprehensive financial content and experience as an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) and takes your coaching skills to that next level. The program includes a dynamic 3-day in person training session that allows you to practice with others to build skills, receive feedback and enhance your ability to effectively work with individual clients, couples or groups. FFC certification required. If you do not have your AFC® certification, you will obtain the certification as part of this program.

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“There is nothing like the training you’ll receive from Saundra! It is powerful. It is raw. It is real. There is no way you will not walk away with knowledge you didn’t have before.”



C.A.S.H. Workshop

Our Create a Saving Habit Workshop is a full-day interactive financial education session where participants take a comprehensive look at their personal financial habits and identify the tools and skills necessary to become their own financial expert. Covering financial topics such as spending/saving, debt management, and understanding credit, participants will assess their current financial health, identify and understand personal money beliefs and how they impact financial choices and develop a financial planning action list.

  • Target Audience: Everyone. Regardless of financial status or level of expertise, this workshop is appropriate for the staff of CBOs as well as their clients.
  • Training Duration: 4-8 classroom hours
  • Fees: Contact us for details

Financial Capability Training & Technical Assistance Workshops for CBOs

Service-Provider’s Financial Capability Training
This customized training, developed from Silicon Valley-based organizations’ responses to the SFS Service Provider’s Financial Capability Survey, will help service providers become more comfortable with their attitudes and behaviors around money so they can better serve the financial capability needs of their clients. Saundra utilizes financial coaching concepts and skills throughout the training and participants are engaged in financial coaching demonstrations based on financial topics/areas of concern as indicated by the survey responses. Armed with the confidence that their own financial house is in order, participants will be able to align what they do with what they know and will be more prepared to address the multitude of needs that their clients are facing.

  • Target Audience: The staff/volunteers of Santa Clara & San Mateo County based CBOs
  • Training Duration: 3 classroom hours
  • Fees: Sponsored by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation


Technical Assistance Workshops for CBOs
Upon request, SFS provides technical assistance workshops to increase the effectiveness of their existing financial education and coaching programs.

  • Target Audience: The staff/volunteers of Santa Clara & San Mateo County based CBOs
  • Training Duration: 3 classroom hours
  • Fees: Sponsored by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation