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Sage Financial Solutions delivers a program that provides you with the skills and techniques to build upon your financial foundation and support clients as they make lasting financial behavior change.

Financial Fitness Coach Program

Build the skills. Deepen the learning. Focus on mastery.

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Next training beginning November 2022.

What is the FFC® program?

The  Financial Fitness Coach certification program models the coaching methodology by meeting you and supporting your professional development on your terms with our team of mentor coaches. Financial Coaching works to narrow the gap between what people know and what they do; it illuminates—through thoughtful questioning—what gets in the way of meeting life goals. The certification is comprised of 3 distinct modules.  Each module of training builds upon the last to enhance the viability of our programming. Complete all three to obtain your FFC® certification in as little as 6 months! Rolling Admissions.
“The two-day training gives you the foundation, but more important than that are the opportunities to practice. The FFC® is uniquely set up to really give that practitioner the confidence to bring the value of all those skills and techniques to the client.”
FFC® Participant

Before You Enroll


Module 1 - Coaching Foundation

Upon completion, you’ll be able to take the core essentials of financial coaching and put them into practice.

Module 2 - Coaching Applications

This training builds upon Coaching Essentials, taking a deeper look at each skill and technique, providing guidance as you develop your coaching skills.

Module 3 - Coaching Mastery

Coaching Mastery takes your training to the next level through exam, experience, ethics and a commitment to ongoing professional development.

Is it Right For You?
Why the FFC® Program?

The FFC® program is a great fit for anyone who wants to become a Financial Coach or use coaching skills in their work as an educator, counselor, or planner. Whether you are starting your career or seeking to add to your professional skillset, this program can help you tie your financial content and client communication together to support your clients in creating healthy financial habits.
“The FFC® is the perfect complement to the AFC. After acquiring the foundational financial information needed to be of value to my clients, the FFC® allows me to partner with my clients in a way that gives them a safe space to journey deeper into their relationship with money."
FFC® Participant

Interactive Virtual Learning Advantage

This program is unlike any other virtual course you’ve taken before! The content is not passive — it requires active listening and participation. You will be able to practice your new skills during online sessions with a Mentor Coach. Submit recordings of your coaching sessions, for critique. Enjoy our rigorous online Learning Labs with self-paced videos and assessments to help you absorb the content. All the while building your confidence in your competence by submitting recorded coaching sessions for self-critique and feedback.

FFC® Building Blocks...

Frequently Asked Questions

Not necessarily. Each coaching module can be taken sequentially by itself for professional development purposes or to get a feel for the financial coaching profession.

To receive the FFC® certification, trainees must complete all three required Modules and fulfill the financial knowledge co-requisite.

**co-requisite – a course or other requirement that a student must take at the same time as another course or requirement.

All FFC® Courses are facilitated in a hybrid structure (also known as blended courses) with web-based online learning (e.g., video lectures, online discussions, or activities). All Modules are a combination of live training, mentor coaching sessions, and self-paced course work and fieldwork experience. Great for working professionals!

There are 4 possible pathways to completing the FFC® Certification.

Fresh Start Pathway may be for you if you need to complete the financial knowledge corequisite, are looking for financial content, and coach training.

Financial Professionals Pathway aligns with the financial professional who meets the corequisite and is in need of the coach training.

Coaching Professionals pathway supports those that may hold a coaching certification and are looking for financial specific coach training as well as financial content.

Head Start Pathway supports seasoned professionals who hold financial and coaching certifications looking for financial specific coach training.

Applicants must provide evidence of FFC® approved co-req from the approved list: AFCPE’s Money Management Essentials course (MME) (Our recommendation for minimum, entry-level) AFC® (Our usual recommendation) CFP® ChFC® CFA® CPA® **If you have a  question about a certification not listed please contact us to see if it meets the criteria.

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