“In my first meeting with Saundra Davis, I experienced a total “mind shift” in regards to my own finances.”– Vivian P

SFS Executive Director Saundra Davis is a US Navy veteran (AK2) with over 30 years experience working with low- and moderate-income communities throughout the Unites States.  She has spent 20 years as an organizational management consultant working directly with client organizations’ management and line staff and the past 10 years specifically developing financial empowerment programs for organizations’ staff and economically vulnerable clients.

With Ms. Davis at the helm, SFS has created and supported the implementation of financial empowerment programs for community-based organizations supporting the economically vulnerable around the country, including YWCA Dallas, Tax-Aid, and Catholic Charities, among others. SFS has successfully embedded financial coaches into various agencies, including the member agencies of the Silicon Valley Financial Empowerment/Asset Building Initiative.