Spare A Moment of Your Time?

Have you been a part of Sage Financial Solutions’ financial coach training? We would love to hear from you! Happy clients are vital to the success of SFS and we invite you to submit a brief (45-60 second) video review/testimonial of your training experience.

We value your time and want to make this an easy process for you so we have prepared a few questions that may help prompt some thoughts for you. After introducing yourself and naming the organization you represent, feel free to respond to any or all of the questions below during your review:

  • What would you say is unique about our training as a whole, our training style, and/or our training content?
  • How much did your understanding of financial coaching improve as a result of our training?
  • What one thing had the greatest impact?
  • What results are you seeing since completing our training? 
  • Would you recommend our financial coach training to others? Why?

We are also using this as a means of evaluating customer satisfaction levels and would value any other comments you may wish to add.

We sincerely appreciate your help and look forward to our relationship continuing well into the future.

Submit you video below: