“Saundra Davis is a force of nature. In physics a force is an influence that causes a free body to undergo a change in speed, a change in direction or change in shape. If you know Saundra, this metaphor is neither novel nor news. Saundra is a catalyst for individuals to accelerate their current trajectory, to change careers, or to completely transform.”…” Saundra is a whirlwind whose enthusiasm pulls everyone around her into the vortex that is her passion: fulfilled financial planners providing high-quality financial planning for everyone, regardless of income, class or race.”  – Holly Gillian Kindel, Pro Bono Director – San Francisco Chapter, Financial Planning Association (Colleague)

“In my first meeting with Saundra Davis during a coach orientation, I experienced a total “mind shift” in regards to my own finances.”– Vivian Padua, CPCC, ACC (Client)

”What I appreciate most about Saundra’s work with non-profit organizations is her approach. She understands that often times those working in this sector often times neglect to take care of themselves as they are so committed to helping others. Yet, in order for us to be as effective as we can be in our work, we must take care of ourselves. “ – Julia Chih (Client, Non-profit Organization)

“Saundra has been a volunteer and then paid consultant with my organization (www.earn.org) for the past couple of years. She is one of the more outstanding individuals I have ever worked with. She is highly knowledgeable, creative, competent, reliable, well-connected and an excellent leader.” – Emily Waterbury (Client)

“Saundra is a thoughtful, dedicated, skilled and creative financial planner and advocate for low-wealth individuals. She is great resource – with a wealth and depth of knowledge – for those in the financial planning and asset building fields. I have learned so much from her. She rocks!” – Christi Baker, Owner, Chrysalis Consulting Group, LLC (Business Partner)

”Saundra’s innovative thinking combined with her solid professionalism and realism is inspiring.” – Jonathan Sprague, Director, Pro Bono Services, Financial Planning Association (Colleague)

“Saundra helps people understand their issues with money. She sets up practical systems that work and helps people achieve their financial goals – whether they make a lot of money or not.” – Nancy Solomon, President, Nancy Solomon & Associates Inc. (Business Partner)

“Saundra looks for ways to link her business acumen to social justice and she excels at fighting the good fight. I am grateful for having had the opportunity to learn from her.”– Leroy Blea, MPH, CPH (Client, Community Planning)

“Saundra made a three-hour evening class something to look forward to. She built collegiality among the students, inspired with her enthusiasm, and used examples from her professional experience to make the lessons real-world-based and meaningful. Highly recommended.” – Stephanie Lee (Student, Personal Financial Planning Program)

“Thank you and I so enjoyed the class!!!! Now I have to get to work so I can start planning better for my retirement!” – Joanne A. Walloch

“Thank you so much for the information. I have been telling everyone to attend your classes. Both you and Saundra were outstanding. Made it understandable.” – Trudy Boelman

“Thank you so much for all the information you provided, the class was not nearly long enough for all the information we were given. I hope that in the future there will be an extended version. Saundra was a wonderful addition to the class, I love the way you work together, it was very educational.” – Teresa Lopez

“You and Saundra were wonderful. Very, Very informative. I wish the class was a little longer as this was a lot of information to absorb in such a short time. I learned a great deal about retirement. Thank You.”– Warren Arakawa

“My name is Du Van Pham, I was in your Financial Training Class today.  After the class I think that your teaching is GIVING ME A POWERFUL MESSAGES:  1.  PRIORITY  —   HOW TO SAVE  MONEY BUT 2.    RELATIONTION WITH THE FAMILY , FRIENDS   ALSO NEED TO BE SAVED .   SPENDING TIME AND HAVE FUN WITH THEM MONEY CAN NOT PURCHASE LOVE or RELATIONSHIP. I WON’T MISS YOUR CLASS NO MATTER WHAT!  Thank you so much!”  – Du Van Pham

“That lady [Saundra] is in my head everyday and now whenever I spend money on something I save some for my emergency fund.”    – Patty Rosado