Saundra Davis: 
The Heart of SFS

What inspires people to live with their money in a way that honors their values and the vision they hold for their future? How do you help people, irrespective of their income, align their financial choices with their heart, head, & hand? How do we ensure that ALL people have access to competent and ethical financial advice?

My work has centered on the answers to these questions…but what good is a “thought leader” if the thoughts, never lead to action? I am a nationally recognized financial coach, educator, program consultant and motivational speaker dedicated to excellence in financial coaching programming. Often called “The Financial Coaches Coach”, I support financial professionals by challenging them to reach new heights in their communication with the people they serve.

I have fierce compassion for my clients and training participants and often say I’m not in the business of helping people be more comfortable with being poor, my role is to help people create the life they want, and take action on what they need to do to make it happen.